Squash Club Newsletter 13th October 2016

Security: Hard to believe, but every week either the front door, the bar door, or the sliding door (or all three) are still being left open. Come on people, get it together!  Last one out?- it’s up to you.

The last round of Spring League was this week, congratulations to all involved. The play offs will be held on Monday next week, i.e. 17th October.

Summer league will start on Monday 6th Nov. Due to feedback, it has been changed to Monday evenings. Format will be 2 x 11 minutes with handicap system. Please enter online on the Wanaka Squash Club website under ‘league’. Or Contact Pip  0274331580.

Business House was a success, and will be repeated early next year. If you’d like to put a team in contact Jeff Limmer 0274977476

The next three Tuesdays will be social club nights, with an emphasis on playing some social doubles games if people are keen. If you haven’t played doubles before it is a lot of fun, and open to all grades, so come along and check it out. All welcome from 6pm onwards Tuesdays 18 and 25 Oct and 1st Nov.

The courts are now entirely free for social games on the other evenings of the week. Make the most of it.

Online booking: We are trialling an online booking system, and will soon send out details so we can all get used to it over the summer in preparation for next season.

Nationals: Congratulations to the Ladies C team who did well at Nationals, finishing 6th overall having just missed out on 3rd and 4th place play off, well done. The Men’s D also went to Nationals, and won the best dressed, were second in the quiz, were the top South island team, were at or near the top in the beer drinking and won a lovely trophy shaped slightly like a wooden spoon.

Buddy system for new members: This will make new members feel more welcome, and will be a good way for existing club members to meet and play new people. We may contact you to ask if you can help now and then, it won’t be very demanding.  Gillian 021929590 and  Jeanette 0275437719 are organising this if you’d like to put your hand up.

$100 off your subs: If you didn’t manage to help out at the A&P show in 2016, two more chances to get $100 off your subs next year.

1) Working bee at the squash club on Sunday 4th Dec from 2-6pm followed by end of year BBQ.

2) Firewood fundraising.  Contact Keith 0210695884

Central Otago Champs 2016 - Cromwell 4&5th of August


Central Otago Champs


Hello Club members,

We have an amazing opportunity coming up next month to host Nick Mita who is a top National Squash Coach.

He is spending the day in Wanaka on Thursday 11th August.

What we need from you...

  • to let us know if you are interested in having some coaching ASAP
  • let us know what time of the day best suits you (no guarantee sorry!)
  • let us know if you prefer a small group session or a one on one

We don't have prices yet but as soon as we know we will let you know.


Contact: Keith Murray – 0210 695 884 or Gillian Stuart- 021 929 590 or

Hannah Chisholm – 0273 237 010

Wanaka Squash Club Newsletter 18 June 2016

  • Door entry and light reader.  The door entry and light reader has finally been fixed. However all key fobs need to be reprogrammed or they will not work. From Thurs 23 June the front door will be locked again and you will need a reprogrammed key fob to get in and to switch on the lights which will go back on the timer (lights will still be free). Put your key fob in the red Cookie time bucket at the club and you will get a good one back from Jeanette. You obviously need to have paid your subs first. If you can’t get in during the day because you haven’t got organised this, Jeff Bruns has kindly said he will help if he is around, 021466024 , or see Helen at Kaleidoscope at 44 Helwick St.
  • Coaching:  Ladies coaching with Gillian and Hannah is on Sunday nights and is proving very successful.  Contact Gillian 021929590.  Simon Douglas is collecting names for men’s coaching which will be on Thursday evenings. 0273075087
  • With the new TV we will be playing some of the big rugby games at the club over the winter, come down and check it out
  • EFTPOS: Take your plastic card to use at the bar, we are doing away with cash, thanks.
  • Use a water bottles: No more paper cups will be provided. Take a water bottle to fill up from the water cooler.
  • Wanaka  Club Shirts:  We are organising some smart Wanaka Squash Club shirts, contact Pip if you are interested. 0274331580
  • Online booking system: We are planning to set up an online booking system in the near future. In the meantime keep using the book outside the club to ensure your spot.
  • Business House: Business House will start in about 6 weeks once interclub has finished. The idea is to introduce new people to squash and have a fun social evening. Still room for 2-3 more teams, contact Jeff Limmer. 0274977476
  • Club League games continue on Mondays and Tuesdays. Interclub on Wednesdays
  • QB Tournament: Great Job everyone! This was our biggest tournament ever, with 140 entries. Some fantastic squash was played with lots of close battles making for good spectating. Special thanks to Jeff Limmer for organising a great event, to his two right hand ladies Pip and Hannah, and to the rest of the committee for pitching in. Many members also helped in various ways, we fed 70+ people on the Sunday night, and lots of you very kindly provided dishes to help with the catering, so thankyou everyone; a great time was had by all. We couldn’t have done it without all our sponsors. The local business community have been very supportive and we would like to acknowledge everyone who kindly contributed to the event. Please support our sponsors when you are out and about- they are supporting us.


  • Flooring Xtra- our naming sponsor. Thanks Cyril.
  • Cut Above Carpet
  • Jeff Limmer Electrical
  • Cardrona Hotel
  • Redpaths
  • Stonewood Homes
  • Wanaka Pharmacy
  • Rippon Wines
  • Central Lakes Physiotherapy
  • Aspiring Law
  • Video Ezy
  • Wanaka Liquor Centre
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Lone Star
  • North Face
  • Base Camp
  • Pembroke Wines
  • Head Rackets


Congratulations to all the winners in the Queen’s Birthday Tournament, lots of Wanaka names here we’re happy to see:

  • Men’s Open 1 Shaun Madden 2 ReganMcNaughton 3 Caleb Madden
  • Plate Carl Johnston, Special Plate Nick Burns, Consolation Plate Jeff Bruns.
  • Women’s Open 1 Emily Flett 2 Hannah Chisholm
  • Plate Tracey Clarke, Special Plate Stephanie Chambers, Consolation Plate Lyndal Askin.
  • Men’s A 1 James Baker 2 Kyle Cameron 3 Chris Wallis
  • Plate Tom Gillespie, Special Plate Jono Shaw, Consolation Plate Josh Thomas.
  • Men’s B 1 Brad Watson 2 Nigel Lock
  • Plate Abe Taucher, Special Plate Rodney Fairbrass, Consolation Plate Kieran Drake.
  • Men’s C 1 Pete Eastwood 2 Chris Young
  • Plate Hamish Menlove, Special Plate Peter Bond, Consolation Plate Paul Burke.
  • Men’s D 1 Eddie Crowe 2 Hugh Derham
  • Plate Lucas Rosa, Special Plate Simon Douglas, Consolation Plate Fraser Reid.
  • Men’s E 1 Nick Hishon 2 Cody Pickles
  • Plate Ronnie Kennedy, Special Plate Callum McCullough, Consolation Plate Tyron Adams.
  • Men’s F 1 Kenny Moore 2 Sam Edge
  • Plate Josh Moore, Special Plate Jake Stewart, Consolation Plate Ben Sutton.
  • Men’s G 1 Andrew Bull 2 ReubenHorne
  • Women’s A 1 Rangi Clarke 2 Zoey Watt
  • Plate Martha Toghill, Special Plate Amanda Gauld, Consolation Plate Marcelle Moore.
  • Women’s B 1 Jeanette Toghill 2 Jess Moore
  • Plate Ella McDonald, Special Plate Bianca Malcolm, Consolation Plate Colleen Parkhill-Burke.
  • Women’s C 1 Hilary Boyes 2 Andrea Warburton
  • Plate Bonnie Parsons, Special Plate Sam Dolan, Consolation Plate Laura Moore.
  • Women’s D 1 Jordannah Thomas 2 Holly Taucher
  • Plate Sarah McFie, Special Plate Gill Frew, Consolation Plate Vanessa Williams.
  • Women’s E 1 Rebecca Collins 2 Netta Wilton
  • Plate Amanda Edge, Special Plate Jessica Kennedy, Consolation Plate Penny Cowley.

Wanaka Squash Club Newsletter August 2016

Ladies Coaching:  NO coaching this Sunday night or for the next few weeks. This has been going well but will take a break, and will resume later in the season if there is still good interest.

Table Tennis: 3 people have paid to use the table tennis table on occasion for the next few months. They will avoid busy squash times. Be friendly and say hello. It will be very important for our fundraising for a new building that we are more than just a squash club, so we are keen to promote this sort of other activity.

Nick Mita is taking coaching sessions all afternoon and evening on Thursday 11th August. He is a top level NZ coach and these sessions are now all booked up. However he will hopefully be coming back every 6 weeks, so if you are interested to see what it’s all about and put your name down for next time- come down and watch and be part of it. Guaranteed you will learn a lot just watching.

Wanaka Squash Club Shirts/Hoodies etc:  Some very smart gear has been designed and we are now taking orders. Contact Pip for more info 0274331580

Business House will start on Wednesday nights after top club finishes, probably starting Wed  17th August. Anyone can play but there is an emphasis on introducing people to squash, and on the social aspect. The bar will be open and staffed. May still be room for an extra team or two if you want to put in a team of work mates or non work mates who want to try it out.  Contact Jeff Limmer 0274977476

Next Club League: Next round of club league games will start Mon 22nd/Tues 23rd Aug. Put your name down on the board in the hall in the club, or text Keith 0210695884.  This will be best of five games, same format as current league though likely to be teams of 5, but only 4 to play each night so there is always one reserve, as reserves have been hard to find lately.   If you don’t want to commit to every week, then put your name down as ‘reserve’.

Congratulations to Mens D team and Womens C team who have qualified for the Nationals.

Online booking system- we are hoping to bring this to you shortly, the old book will then disappear and you will need a cell phone or computer to make a booking.

Club Championships: Will be week of 12-17 September. We encourage everyone in the club to enter- the draw will be in blocks of 8 according to grade so everyone can be a winner, and everyone gets three games. Most games during the weekday evenings, with finals night at the end of the week. Put your name on the board in the hall.

Bar:  Reminder, please use your eftpos card rather than cash for the bar, we are trying to eliminate cash handling for security reasons.  It takes a few extra seconds but it is worth it.

Lost Property:  This piles up amazingly fast. There is a big cardboard box with lost property in it, this will go to Wastebusters at the end of every month, so check it for gear you may not even know you have lost (especially if you have kids!)