Wanaka Squash Club is introducing a new short term membership called "Give It a Go" where you pay only $100 for 3 months.   If you'd like to register interest, click here.  


If you choose to continue after 3 months, you just pay the remainder of a normal membership fee.  

This deal is only available to new members who aren't, and haven't been, a member of a Squash New Zealand registered club.   


The season is winding up and things are happening, look forward to seeing you at the club soon.

Business House will start on Thurs 15th March and run for 4-5 weeks. This is a social league to introduce new people to the club. Teams of 4, with one club member per team. There is room for about 2 more teams. Get 3 of your workmates and make up a team, it is a lot of fun.  Only $5 per night for non-members.  Contact Jeff Limmer on 0274977476

Autumn League starts this Monday 5th March, numbers are looking good but if you are quick Paul can probably fit you in.  Enter here

Steph’s Fitness sessions on Wednesdays at 5.15 are being well attended; they run for 45 minutes followed by a hit afterwards. Contact Steph if you’d like to come along. 0276977257

A&P Show; Thanks to everyone who has put their hands up to do a spell on the gates. We still need a few more people. Please ask your family members or community spirited friends if they’d like to help out. Text Gillian 021929590

At this week’s AGM it was decided to trial a ‘Give it a Go’ membership to encourage new members to come along. This will be $100 for three months at any time of the year. If the person then joins the club the $100 will be counted towards their subs. If you have friends or workmates who are keen to try it out this would be a good way to start.

We are glad to announce that subscriptions for the coming year are being kept at the same level as last year, you will receive your invoice in the next few weeks.

Queenstown and Central Otago Sport and Recreation Regional Facilities Strategy Consultation Forums.  If you want to do just one thing for the club this year, please come along to this meeting on Tues 20th March 6.00-7.30pm at the Wanaka Recreation Centre. The draft plan does not even mention squash in Wanaka, and is very short on detail for any sport in Wanaka. If we in Wanaka don’t stand up then it looks like all the Council’s sport funding will go elsewhere. It would be awesome to have a bunch of members along to show them that we exist and need to be considered. This is particularly important with regard to our proposed new building.

If anyone will be in Dunedin and would like to attend the Squash NZ roadshow on Tues 27th March at Sunnyvale at 6.30pm let Keith know, 0210695884

Starts Monday March 5th

  • PAR Score to 11 with tie breaker to win by 2 points
  • Best of Five Games 
  • Points registered with Squash NZ
  • Breaks for the school holidays (2018-04-16 to 2018-04-27) and Easter Monday week (2018-04-02)

Register here.

The squashiness kicks off tomorrow with our first league of the year, the Summer League 2018.  Mondays for 3 weeks.